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Yukon Anorak

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The Yukon Anorak is  definitely moulded in that great Kiwi working man’s style.  Big kangaroo pockets for stashing stashables and vented bottom hems for extra leg movement.  The scalloped back helps rain water drain off, while the cunning sleeve design means you can move your arms around like rotor blades.

AEGIS: It’s a Windproof, waterproof and breathable membrane made from PTFE. And whats that you ask? It’s polytetrafluoroethylene, and if thats not enough it’s hydrophobic. Which means it resists water - to the point it can’t get wet. In fact it has one of the lowest friction coefficients against any solid. It’s used to make non stick frypans nonstick. It’s the next generation of technical fabric.

There’s no point in wearing something that keeps out the rain if it keeps in the sweat - you still get wet! Swazi spent 2 years perfecting AEGIS so that they ended up with a fabric that never gets wet, never lets moisture  in from the outside, but lets moisture (perspiration) out. It breathes, but only in one direction.

Made from super abrasion resistant SWAZI HARDSHELL® the Yukon will give you years of faithful service and tons of comfort no matter how tough or hard the job.

Class D – These are DAY garments and thus confined to daylight hours only. Dusk and Dawn are not considered Daylight – it’s recommended a Class Day/Night garment be worn at such times.

Class NZFOA (Forest Owners Association) - These are Class FID garments, which means they have been tested and approved for DAY use. They provide the wearer with high visibility under Daylight viewing conditions and are intended for the bulk of forest workers operating in daylight hours.


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Yukon Anorak

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